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First off, I am not a writer. Never claimed to be, never wanted to be. My postings will probably be dry and boring, lacking in minute detail. I live in the Pacific Northwest and most of the stuff I post will be about and for this particular area of the country.  I grew up in Florida and moved here many years ago, a big change from the Sunshine State to the state of rain. This blog will be about preparedness for emergencies such as earthquakes, ice storms, volcanic eruptions, California Liberals, etc… So on with my foray into blogging…..

Most of my own designs are done 1. in my head (conception), 2. put on paper (visualization) for material lists(sometimes), 3. assembled (application), 4. tweaked (adjustments) and to the rubbish pile if it was a bad design or idea last. Other designs are pictures I saw on the web. If I can see it, I can build it. Its not reverse engineering it visual engineering. Thank you for the picture.


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