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RED State, BLUE State.

March 14, 2013

Do you live in a BLUE State, a BLUE District or a BLUE County? Today, 03/13/13, I have decided to change my voter registration from Independent to Democrat. If you live in one of the above BLUE limbo states and are a Republican, Libertarian or Conservative, I’d advise you do the same.

The only way we are going to get the Progressive’s out of office is thru the primaries. In a general election it is usually (D) v (R) and a Democrat voter is only going to vote D and a Republican voter is only going to vote R. If there are more D’s than R’s you know the outcome.  Low information voters only look at the letter following the name on the ballot.

In a primary election, each party has an election to choose who is going to be in the general election. In some states (15) you can only vote in your chosen party affiliation and in the general election you can vote for whom ever is on the ballot.  Different-primary-election-rules-by-state-map.

For years, Democrats have been crossing over to choose their parties opponent as well as the Liberal Media. Mitt Romney was labeled as the Country Club Candidate and that is who the Democrats wanted to run against the most. Well, I say we do the same to get the current Progressives out of office. Keeping a Progressive off the ballot or choosing a person so far Left that Independents or moderate Democrats will not vote for them in the general election is a good start. If you receive calls from pollsters, it will really screw up their political weighting system.

If you have qualms about being called a Liberal, you can give the correction by calling yourself a Classical Liberal.


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