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Cousin Janet

January 11, 2013

Quick Post. This is proper attribution to Janet Nelson.

The Epicenter was just on Fox Business Stossel Show tonight (1/10/13) talking about being prepared in an emergency.  Way to go Janet. John Stossel was looking at Janet Nelson and Aton Edwards (Aton was in an episode of Doomsday Preppers) with a very skeptical look. I guess John never heard about someone taking a “shortcut” or following their GPS blindly and getting into big trouble (happens all the time out here in the west) or all the pictures of people dumpster diving in NYC after Hurricane Sandy let alone all the video of Hurricane Katrina and the Japan Tsunami.

People have got to understand they are on their own for the first 12, 24, 48 or 72 hours after a local or regional disaster. Depending on the scale of the disaster it could be days or weeks without power and water. Having supplies on hand for yourself and your family during an emergency is a no brainer but is it the right kind of supplies. Having a Grab n Go Bag handy is what everyone should have. (We even have one for the dog.) Depending on the region you live in, you might only have minutes to evacute. What are you going to take with you in those valuable minutes? Are you going to be running around trying to gather up things or are you going to be ready to grab the spouse, kids, pet, GO bag and get out of dodge. Your choice, think about it…times up and since we are in the NW…Just Do It.

The Epicenter sells Mountain House, Alpine Aire and Wise dehydrated and freeze dried brand foods as well as MRE’s and other emergency rations. One of the coolest things they sell is the Kelly Kettle. This is the quickest way to make hot water for freeze dried food stores when you are without power or out in the field.  I would advise everyone to get one.

Janet and Bryan Nelson are the owners. Their site is


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