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10 Foot HAWT

January 8, 2013

I have been studying now for 6 weeks on various Wind Generators to use for our property that has no pole power to it. The electric company wants $8,000 to get it there. So the property is going to be completely off-grid.

I did my rough draft off-grid layout back at the end of October 2012 of how I wanted to setup this system. Then I started looking into all the other aspects of the things that were not on the rough draft from disconnects, inverters, charge controllers, breakers, wiring specs and the lot. I have most of the odds and ends but I didn’t have the wind power details worked out.

I looked at buying a manufactured wind generator but the cost/benefit was not where I wanted it to be. There are so many FBN companies out there that you have to be careful where you buy from. The property is close to where the wind blows all the time but we are 10 miles away from there with trees all around. I couldn’t go with a high RPM HAWT because the wind speed wasn’t there and the low RPM manufactured HAWT were too expensive.  So I decided I was going to have to build my own.

I bought the Homebrew Wind Power Handbook,,  authored by the two Dan’s (Dan Bartmann & Dan Fink) as my guide as well as reading Hugh Piggott publishings,,  and watching MuddyMuddyMudMann’s youtube videos,,  to see if I was up for the task.

Well I got my magnets in 2 weeks ago and my wire to make the coils. Next thing I have to do is build my coil winder and stator molds. One other tool I am going to be making is woodworking carver duplicator so I only have to make 1 blade by hand as my guide and then make 3 blades for use in the first unit. If all works out I might have a side business as well. 😎 I also need to learn to weld better. I can O/A weld just fine but I need to learn to arc weld better.

I will add pictures on the progress later.


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