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Off Grid or Battery Backup for certain house circuits.

November 2, 2012


This is a design I came up with for an Off Grid Cabin but it could be used for a battery backup on a house. You can’t power the whole house but you can power certain circuits in the house, like the refrigerator circuit, living room circuit, bathroom circuit. Other mods can be done, for example a 24v DC water heater element for your water heater so when your batteries are charged the excess wattage gets dumped into making hot water. The design shows only one bank of batteries but you could do 2 or more battery banks and more or higher wattage solar panels. The skies the limit on this design. I have the solar panels and the generator but I need to purchase everything else. I came up with a budget of $3000 for this project. The reason I chose a 24v design is because it is the most bang for your buck/efficient power conversion design. Others may argue that I’m wrong but the money is coming out of my wallet not theirs.


This drawing is just a rough sketch. It didn’t include inline fuses, breakers, diodes, wiring specs or the math. Do your homework before you buy so you know you are buying what you need.


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