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Building a Chicken Coop

July 7, 2012

Haven’t been posting lately. Been building a chicken coop and chicken run (formally a dog run) for the chickens. What a production. It kept getting bigger and bigger. I started out by building the frame on the back deck. Had to move it into the garage to put the sides and nesting boxes on it. Now the reason I moved it to the garage was to get the chickens out of the Dining Room. They were getting to big for the brooder box and dusting the place up and it was still too cold to put them outside. Just threw a sheet of plywood on top for a temporary roof hung the heat lamp added chicken nipples for water until I could move everything outside.

So this past week we finally had some sun to move the coop out in the back yard. It took 4 of us to get it there. Had to disassemble it somewhat to lighten the load. So, out the garage door, down the driveway, over a wall, thru a gate, under a tree to its almost final spot. A little left, a little forward, this spot is better, that spot is more level, going to have to build a bridge to the chicken run…final spot. Dug out the sod for the pier blocks, put the sides back on, done, it ain’t moving again. The only way to move this is with a saws-all and sledge hammer. If the county wants to know what my snow load and wind load calculations are, the chickens shredded them for bedding and fun.

ImageAnyway, back to the coop. I gave the roof a 4-12 pitch. I still have to put on the eve-drip, and tin sheeting. Finish installing the gable ends, install venting (one is dry fitted in the pic), Add hinges for the lid over the nesting box. Cut a hole in the back wall for the bridge to the chicken run (bridge is already built, see pic), Build chicken wire frame over bridge for containment (the movie “Chicken Run” is going thru my head as I write and build), Re-Plumb water lines to coop and run, so I need to hit the hardware store for some Tee’s and Elbow’s (need to write down the list so I don’t forget anything.) Hinges, I need hinges …and a latch for the lid., liners for the paint pan, 2 sheets of 1′ foil backed foam insulation and a sheet of plywood for the other end. Should be good to go.(hay for the nesting boxes)

I should have posted pics of the process as it was being built, but that’s not my job. My job is to design it, material logistics, build it, paint it, give the chickens a final walk thru, sign the papers then on to the next project.

In the words of Red Green, “If you can’t be handsome, be handy”


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