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Rain Water Storage for your Garden

June 13, 2012

Rain water is better for your garden than city water. I put together a rain water storage system for our garden. It can be converted to drinking water storage in a pinch with a flush and filter kit added on to the collection system. If you are going to use for drinking water only I suggest you buy new barrels. This system is gravity fed so you will need a height of  at least 94″ to get water pressure more than a trickle. Our yard is sloped, so collection is at the top, application is at the bottom. A 12v RV pump could be added if you don’t have a sloped yard for distribution. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a picture.

This is setup is using Drain-Vent-Gravity. Vent at the top, drain at the bottom, gravity to delivery area. Setup and installation is simple if you can work with hand tools, but power tools are better and faster (and having sons/son-in-laws to carry the heavy stuff is nice too).

This is 350 gallons of water always at the ready if they are full.


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