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What’s in your EDC?

June 9, 2012

Of all the posts and articles out there on prepping, EDC’s are a good place to start for the beginner. Every Day Carry items can be what’s in your pockets, purse, briefcase, gym bag, etc…, EDC’s should be the basis of preps.

EDC’s should consist of the 3 following items:

Something to cut. A pocket knife, buck knife, multi-tool, whatever. It is always in your pocket everyday. It can be used for self defense, making other weapons, cutting up rope, clothes, seat belts, etc… I carry a pocket knife and a multi-tool.

Something to start fire. A lighter, book of waterproof matches, key-chain flint. It is always in your pocket everyday. Making heat and light are primitive instincts when it gets dark and cold. I carry a Bic lighter and a wind proof, water proof lighter.

Something to tie. Good old 550 Paracord. Many, many uses. Whether you are bundling things, tying a knife to a stick, making a shelter. Learn how to tie a Cobra knot and make a survival bracelet so you are always carrying 10 feet of it with you. (Or I can sell you one for $10. Takes me about 10 minutes to make. What color would you like?)

The point is: Cut, Fire and Tie are the barest of barest essentials.


Hierarchy of  Bugging

  1. EDC
  2. Get Home Bag
  3. Bug Out Bag
  4. Bug Out Vehicle
  5. Bug Out Location

Each one has different supplies for your needs and area you live in.


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